Self and Source:
Cycle 1 of the Tantric Way Series

Self and Source is the first cycle of The Tantric Way Series, a spontaneous process of transformation designed to deepen intimacy with yourself, your sexual partners, and community. You are invited to join us for this three part series, including Cycle 2, Lover and Beloved and Cycle 3, Community and Collective Consciousness.

In Self and Source you will cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself based on awareness and acceptance. As you bring awareness and compassion to your closures, identifications and self-judgments, you will open yourself to hear and trust the voice of source within.

During this cycle of the Tantric Way you will:

  • Grow in self-love and self acceptance
  • Accept and fall in love with your physical body
  • Make friends with the voices in your head
  • Become aware of the voices that come from your parents and family
  • Develop a relationship with your inner critic
  • Heal the wounds you carry from your ancestors
  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom
  • Use the chakra system to inquire into your emotional body
  • Open your body to receive the free flow of life force energy
  • Open to the big cosmic yes