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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Growing in Harmony

Jungle living is getting downright posh here at InanItah! As we come out of the rainy season, the community is stepping back to appreciate the progress that we’ve made this year in our natural building projects. With four completely new structures, along with renovations, improvements, and beautification to all the major existing structures, InanItah is growing harmoniously with new and exciting energy! There have been three new small single room cabins added to the grounds, with brick floors and the typical InanItah spectacular views. Cabins provide a cozy place to lay your head after our nightly phenomenal sunsets!

Our beloved temple has received a makeover with a new floor installed and a coat of colored natural plaster on the walls, which put the finishing touches on the beautiful cob artwork incorporated throughout the structure. There is also a new Chill Zone for just hanging out and relaxing, and the ultimate in luxury–the new indoor composting toilets are now complete!

eco building

The kitchen has not been left out of the fun. It received a major expansion including new cooking stations and sinks, improved traffic flow, large dish drying and storage racks, and a new floor is on the way. And last but not least, the fantastic Snake House, with artwork celebrating the power of the Kundalini.

Thanks to the community of loving hearts and hard working hands, Inanitah continues to evolve, expand, and grow in this ongoing adventure of love and spirit. If you are interested in volunteering in February or March, email us today!


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