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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Vibing on the Undulating Flow

busy kitchenInanItah is surging with powerful releases and an invitation for new energy and possibilities.

The 3 part Tantric  Way Series has wrapped up, and the Shamanic Healing Course is now underway. We are riding the waves of shifting energy as our group undulates up to over 40, for this week.

tantra jungle houseEnthusiasm is tangible. Last week we practiced the social AUM meditation, which brought us both closer to each other and to ourselves. We danced 5 Rhythyms and Life Dance late into the night, and today we’re playing Capoeira before yoga.

As I write this the conch blows, signaling that volunteers can break for lunch, putting their projects aside in the new Urraca Center from electrical to sculpting. To learn more about life as a volunteer at InanItah check out Mark from the UK’s personal blog:
We’re super excited about the possibility of the Awakening of Love retreat, April 27 – 29th. And are looking forward to the quieter yummy days of the April hot season.

Personal blog:

Volunteering for a month has been an excellent choice allowing me to get into the rhythm of InanItah and this magical island of Ometepe; also to discover more secrets that are no longer secrets but now another delightful discovery. This has been the best retreat from city life ever for me. Simple pleasures are best! Picking seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs for the communal meal, los zopilotes – the birds of prey that ride the strong winds up here, sunsets, hummingbirds, hammocks, flowering trees, lake beaches, cacao parties, walking everywhere….

Also more challenging adventures; scorpions, Tarantulas, Day and night (sometimes moonlight) walking,
A favourite adventure for me was climbing Volcan Madeiras-after a long hike through a variety of landscapes we chill, swim and stretch at the misty volcanic lake. A couple of my companions are planning to trek the bigger, more classically volcanic shaped Volcan Concepción next.

I was looking for a way of encapsulating some of the intentional community spirit of InanItah; perhaps one way is through the shape and idea of the circle which has multiple uses and significance here at InanItah; the buildings, the outdoor spaces and the circle of people. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about the circle of life and perhaps to make your own way here one day.


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