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Monday, February 27th, 2012

InanItah Animales

We love living things at Inanitah. We love them so much there are some of them we don’t eat. Most of the time. Some, like the dogs, we’ve chosen to be here. Others, also like the dogs but the dogs that are strays and allowed via a seemingly arbitrary system by India, chief dog pack leader type she-wolf… “Just come to visit whenever you like”…..  EL Tigre the emaciated greyhound. Even if he you couldn’t use him as a xylophone you’d recognize him from half of his mouth being missing. And there’s Perrito. Gorgeous, cute, small and cuddly Perrito. I fell asleep in a hammock once. I slept there all night. Perrito slept with me. It was awesome.

And then there are those animals that were here before all the humans. Not the same ones obviously. That’d be ridiculous. We have a tarantula in the kitchen. It doesn’t have a name other than OMFGitsquick. ‘Faster than a speeding bullet’.  An understatement for something for this spider that can move at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light. And I’ve never seen it eat but I suspect there are missing cows somewhere nearby; that’s how big this thing is.

If you’re basing your decision on whether to visit Inanitah on this blogpost, and in all honesty you should, it’s never bitten anybody. It runs away if you go near it. Just like the rest of us.

We also have…well had… a chicken. Just the one chicken. It was black and lived at the toilet. Some christened her ‘the Oracle’ as in ‘going to visit…’. She was a free spirit and wasn’t technically owned by anybody, living in this strange non-ownership hinterland. Perhaps we could have done more for her. We could have given her some grain now and again. Talked more maybe. You see, a few days ago she disappeared. I miss her. Maybe she’d had heard enough inane questions. Or maybe she went to the great chicken nugget in the sky. I’d suggest a search party but I fear all we have to do is smell one of the dog’s breath. Lanka is a good bet. Especially as last week she caught and quickly consumed a rabbit.

There’re also countless geckos, howler monkeys, gorgeous blue Uracca birds, the odd scorpion and our favourite worst nightmare the mosquitos. We’re working on a bat-box to attract more flying mammals and to call back the boa constrictors…It’s a long story…

I wrote this, sitting on a homemade bean bag, in glorious sunshine, looking at a volcano for inspiration. This morning I ate chocolate and drank tea. Life could, in theory get better but there’s not enough coconut oil in the world.



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