August 15, 2109 - February 15, 2020

Fire Season with Gaia

The Fire Season at InanItah will return August 15, 2019! We’re not quite sure what kind of magic is in store for us yet. But for sure we’ll have The Tantric Way Series in December, and many more opportunities for transformation, education and healing for ourselves and this beautiful planet that sustains us.

We’re  here for  beings seeking freedom and aliveness in the spirit of joyful service. Join us in the Fire Season community for a personal healing retreat, to learn more about community living and collaboration, to get some work done as a digital nomads or social entrepreneur.

We’re open for collaboration and looking for mature folks to come around an volunteer for the season. Specifically looking for we’re open for tropical gardeners, arborists, yogis and meditation teachers, artists of all kinds, social activists and entrepreneurs as well as gracious and grounded welcoming souls.  APPLY TO VOLUNTEER HERE!